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Process Simulation & Modeling Aspen Hysys Advance


( 10 days ) 02Hrs / day


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Courses Description


· Learn how to use and apply advanced modeling techniques to enhance existing Aspen HYSYS flow sheets

· Develop the skills and "know-how" required for creating and running dynamic simulations using Aspen HYSYS Dynamics

· Determine optimal process conditions for new or existing processes

Who will benefit

· New engineering graduates / professionals who will be using Aspen HYSYS in their daily work

· Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies

· Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions

· R&D engineers and researchers

Course Detail

Getting Started in Steady State

Define a fluid package

Add streams and operations

Case Study: Introduction to the basic concepts necessary for creating, solving and analyzing simulations in Aspen HYSYS

Oil Characterization

Introduce Oil Characterization in Aspen


Analysis of chromatographic data

Case Study: Use the Oil Environment to characterize a crude assay

Rating & Sizing Of Heat Exchangers

Review heat transfer calculation models in


Configure a shell and tube heat exchanger to use a built-in Rating model

Case Study: Use a Rating model to determine if an existing heat exchanger will meet process specifications; design and rate a heat exchanger.

Expanding the Model

Add unit operations and controllers in dynamic mode

Develop appropriate control strategies using split range and on-off controllers

Case Study: Add equipment, modify the control system and add a pressure relief valve to a simulation directly in Dynamic mode

Pressure Drop Calculation

Introduce unit operation models used to change pressure, such as Pipe sizing

- Utilization of Property Table

Case Study: Simulate various unit operationsOperation Of Safety Valves

Size and rate pressure safety valves to safely meet plant

Case Study: Usage of utilities & simulation

Process Column Optimization

Optimize the process column to increase the profitability.

Case Study: Simulate process column with optimization mode

Spreadsheets and Case Studies

Use a spreadsheet to calculate a simplified profit for the process column.

Case Study: Import and export variables to and from the Spreadsheet; add complex formulas. Use the Case Study to evaluate flow sheet

Complete Dynamic Simulation

Solve complete dynamic problems using Aspen HYSYS software by first building a steady-state flow sheet and then performing steps to make the transition to dynamics.

Case Study: Simulation includes problem analysis and solution for separation system

Logical Operation

Introduction to logical operations,

Case Study: Simulation to utilize logical operation for the better results

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