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P&ID And PFD Development


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Courses Description


· To provide basic knowledge & exposures in related industry, especially in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector.

· Learn in-depth information and facts needs to be interpreted, when reviewing design drawings and no more miss-look on hidden data.

· Explore more on how design drawings are being prepared and develop.

· Achieve acceptable drafting standards of knowledge and competence.

Who will benefit

· New graduates who wish a dynamic career

· Project Management Team and Approval Managers

· All Design Group – Design & Drafting Personnel, Piping Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers

· Operating Supervisor & Technician, Maintenance Supervisor & Technician

· This program also support non-technical personnel assigned to positions in petroleum refineries, corporate offices, supplier and other interrelated companies.

· Other professionals who desire a better understanding of subject.

Course Detail

Basic Concepts

Basic Terms


Purpose Of PFD

Purpose Of P&ID

Information Provided On PFD

Information Provided On P&ID

Process Related Information

Piping Related Information

Instrumentation Related Information

Control Related Information

Special Information

Incorporation Of Misc. Information In P&ID

P&ID Evolution And Changes In Plant Life

Safety Systems

Safety System In P&ID

Pressure Relief Systems

Safety Features In Industry


P&ID Life Cycle and Case Studies

P&ID Life Cycle

Why P&IDs keep changing

Exercise: Reading P&IDs

Case Studies

Future Studies

Design Codes

Engineering Standard Practices

Client’s Specifications

Symbols and Numbering Systems




Control Valve





Tag System


Instrumentation And Control

Combining Process And Hardware

Understanding About PFDs

Why PFD Is Necessary?

PFD Information In P&ID

Heat And Mass Balance

Operating Conditions

Physical Property

Understanding About P&IDs

Why P&ID Is Necessary?

Equipment and System

P&ID and Data sheets

PFD And P&ID Development

Development Of A Simple Basic PFD

Development of A Simple Basic P&ID

Valves – Type And Application

Development Of Control Loops

Need And Location Of Measuring Instruments

Piping And Insulation Information

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