Octagon Management & Engineering Solutions


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Course Code:
  MTC 201
Duration :
  10 days / Total 24 Hours
Course Fee:
  600 USD

Course Overview

To provide proactive approach, which aims to identify issues as soon as possible and plan to prevent any issues before occurrence.

TPM is an extension of TQM (Total Quality Management). The main objective of TPM is to maintain the plant or equipment in good condition without interfering with the daily process.

An accurate and practical implementation of TPM, which will increase productivity within the total organization provide practical and transparent ingredients to reach operational excellence Course

Who Should Attend

New graduates who wish a dynamic career.

Project Management Team and Managers.

All professional Group– Design & Drafting Personnel, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Process Engineers.

Operating engineer, Supervisor & Technician, Maintenance engineer, Supervisor & Technician.

This program also support non-technical personnel assigned to positions in petroleum refineries, corporate offices, supplier and other interrelated companies.

Other professionals who desire a better understanding of subject


Learn how to improve the competitiveness of products and services in quality, price, and cost

Learn new Management Culture which once developed will benefit the Whole Operation

Learn, how to eliminate Chronic problems

Learn how to minimize Unplanned failures and accidents

Learners get the opportunity to achieve a well-respected training in a short period of time.

Helps to create the right Cooperation environment


Instruction on basic & Advance topics

Training is highly interactive with total involvement of the Participants

Instructor-guided demonstrations of features Hands-on case study using examples of various industries


Any graduate or professional

Suggested Subsequent Courses


Terms & Conditions

Participant must have to submit course fee in advance.

Submitted amount is non-refundable.

Payment Method

Money Gram, Western Union, Xpress Money, Money Bookers, Paypal , Chase Bank or Canara Bank

Module I

Strategy for higher productivity & quality

Objective of machine maintenance

Productive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Improvement maintenance

Maintenance Free Culture

Why Equipments trouble happens?

How to eliminate equipments troubles

Six Big losses

Machine maintenance action plan

Autonomous maintenance

Equipment check

Capability of controlling equipments


Module V

Summary of improvement points

Key points for creating lubrication standards

Understanding the basic technologies

Planned maintenance activities

Difference of tasks

Quick response system

Maintenance calendar

Condition based maintenance

Recurring of breakdowns

Shorten repair time

Study of breakdown diagnosis

Study part replacement method

Module II

Improvement of machine efficiency

Stumbling block on the road to higher equipment efficiency

Zero breakdowns target

Zero adjustments goal

Zero Idling & Minor stoppage goal

Module VI

Spare part management

Lubrication management

Documentation management

Maintenance information system

Skill training

MP design & Equipment management

MP design

Ease of operation enhancement


Module III

Loss calculation methods & Targets improvement

Operating time

Performance rate

Net operating time

Overall equipment effectiveness

Calculation Examples

Improvement of target for big losses

Module VII

Autonomous maintenance implementation case

Problem observed

Features of TPM small group activities

Autonomous maintenance promotion

Process and autonomous maintenance

Classify machines & operation

Model line introduction

Implementation steps

Autonomous maintenance steps

Module IV

Autonomous maintenance activities of the production department


Maintaining own equipment

Equipment understanding

Characteristics of autonomous maintenance development

A step-by-step Approach


Organization- Led Activities

Activity Board

Effective one point lessons



Development steps

Summary of improvement points

Module VIII

Machine maintenance and production


Improvement ideas

Production role

How to improve machine

Counter measures

Looses prevention techniques

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